Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Future of UAE Telecoms

Today, telecoms in the UAE took a significant step forward with the announcement of infrastructure sharing between providers. As the architect of the UAE telecommunications infrastructure, Etisalat has invested AED 5 Billion in its fiber-optic network to offer the fastest broadband speeds, advanced voice services and next generation TV services such as 3D to its customers.

In simple terms this means that Etisalat’s benefits will be extended to those unlucky folks who until now were unable to receive them. This expansion takes Etisalat’s service to areas such as Dubai Internet City, TECOM and the new residential areas.

Senior Vice President of Business Solutions, Adbulla Hashim said, “Etisalat welcomes true competition in the UAE. This is a progressive step that will provide a rightful choice to our customers...”

This move will empower all customers to take advantage of Etisalat’s competitive fixed-line services and lucrative offers which are supported through its wide network of customer care centers and advanced online solutions.


  1. "... Etisalat’s benefits will be extended to those unlucky folks who until now were unable to receive them."

    Seriously Etisalat? Unlucky folks? It is Etisalat customers like me who have been unlucky and having had to pay overly priced cheap services.

    1 month waiting for internet connection, 3 weeks for landline, 5 months for tv installation and it took them 2 weeks to activate the service. And you call yourself uptrendy uptechy. Seriously?

    Have you seen your website? I am sorry, which kid planned and build that? Etisalat Online Service, was that a high school project?

    Maybe du doesnt have enough market experience as Etisalat, but there is definately more for Etisalat to learn from du.

  2. @Anonymous Sorry to hear of the delay in the install. If you can either contact us on Twitter or Facebok and either message or DM your account / contact details, we can take a look at what the delay is.