What is eLife?

eLife from Etisalat combines high-bandwidth Internet applications and home entertainment options such as High-Definition video (HD) and Video-On-Demand (VoD) services, online gaming, distance learning, healthcare monitoring as well as fixedline telephone functions.

Who is eLife for?

eLife is for people who want unlimited access to high quality entertainment in their home. The almost unlimited bandwidth means they will never worry about how much capacity they have available. Everything is supplied over just one fibre optic cable, which means you save money, and it's simple and convenient too. You can upgrade your existing Etisalat broadband or landline package to eLife easily.

What next?

Visit the website or call 800 101 (non-Etisalat customers) or 101 (Etisalat customers) for information related to any of our products or services.