Monday, January 10, 2011

Extend your eLife connection throughout your home

Need wider internet coverage? The new Aztech Extender broadens your wireless network to any location in the home or office and eliminates weak signals and blind spots. No software or installation is required. The Aztech Extender works straight out of the box! Simply connect it to any wall socket and watch it work like a portable network point.

Plug the Aztech Extender into a preferred power outlet connected to a broadband router, and you can use the internet wherever you are in the house.

The high speed of the wireless 802.11n allows you to complete heavy downloads, and Aztech is compatible with any Ethernet-ready gadget at home.

Main Features
• Extend wireless network into any spot at home
• Turn any power outlet into a network connection
• Automated security with “Simple Connect” button
• Simply plug & play, no software or installation required. No new wires, no drilling, no software, no hassle!

TV Connection: this requires 2 of the Aztech HL110E (2 Ethernet plugs), the total cost will be AED 290 (2 X AED 145)
Internet Connection/extending: this requires 1 of the Aztech HL110E plus 1 Aztech HL110EW, the total cost will be AED 390 (AED 145 + AED 245)

For more details, speak to your eLife installer or go along to your nearest Etisalat Store.