Sunday, July 25, 2010

Barclays Premier League coming to you in HD

The Premier League is back in full swing and you can watch it all with us through our Abu Dhabi Sports Package on eLife and E-Vision. All 380 matches of the Barclays English Premier League season will be broadcast live across 6 channels, that’s 34,200 minutes (plus stoppage time of course) of high definition action from the fastest league in the world.

This package is available, at no additional cost, to new customers subscribing, or upgrading an existing single or eLife double play package to eLife triple play Master, Premier or Max packages. All other eLife triple play as well as E-Vision customers can enjoy watching the Barclays Premier League for only AED 29 per month for a 12 month subscription.

If this isn’t enough, through our partnership with Manchester City FC, you could win tickets to watch live from the stadium. To enter simply subscribe to Manchester City FC news alerts by sending ‘MC’ via SMS to 1110.

For more information click here, or to sign-up, call 80077666.


  1. Typical:

    "For more information click here, or to sign-up, call 80077666." (Look above)

    But... "Sorry, the number you have dialled is not in service".

  2. Hi,

    The number is working for us, have you tried again since? Let us know if you continue to have problems and we can arrange for them to call you instead :)

  3. Why do many of the English Premier League games have no English commentary? Today's Chelsea vs Stoke game is in Arabic only.

    How do we know which channels have which games and which ones are in English?

  4. Hello there

    One of your colleagues at the 101 (E-Life) call centre just told me none of the EPL games are in English - they are all in Arabic. I phoned the number above (80077666) and the person said he had no idea whether the games are in English or not. Would you be able to tell me if they are in English, and if so, how many (what %) are in English.

    Thank you.

  5. @Anonymous

    All games are in both language, there was a technical issue preventing this before which has now been resolved. You can swap between languages using your remote.

    To see which game are on which channel, this can e viewed on the Channel schedule.


  6. As the article reads, existing customer have to pay, so you don't give a damn about existing customers? 29 monthly to watch EPL? Seriously, what a rip-off. No wonder there are more Tata Sky subscription in the region. For about AED 40 you get hundreds of channels including fifa world cup, EPL, cricket, national geographic, discovery, animal planet... all inclusive.

    And, sorry to say, elife/evision remote sucks and unfriendly box.

  7. I would like to watch the free premier league on elife but have been waiting for a call from etisalat for 3 weeks.

  8. Hello SP:

    We would need your contact details to follow up on your elife application, but pleased do not publish them here. Could you contact us via twitter where this is easier?

    Many thanks

  9. I would like to know your price list right here. Thanx in advance

  10. ELife triple play and E-Vision customers can watch the Barclays Premier League for only AED 29 per month for a 12 month subscription.

    Customers upgrading to Elife triple play get EPL in HD for free. Cost depends on the package you chose. Full price details are on the pages we link to above.

    Hope this helps?