Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday @EtisalatUAE

Our Twitter birthday contest finished on April 26th. Thank you to everyone who entered and sent us birthday greetings on twitter. The winners of our fantastic smartphone birthday gifts have been notified. One lucky winner, Abdul M, entered via Facebook. The other winners have been announced on Twitter.

It was a great contest and lots of fun. Now we have a whole year to plan something even better for birthday number 2!

April 11 is our first birthday!

We have been talking with customers on twitter for a whole year so we are celebrating. Click on our interactive birthday card below to join our online treasure hunt. We have Nokia and Samsung smartphones for our lucky winners.

It’s our followers who have made @EtisalatUAE a success so we are inviting all of you to enter our birthday contest and celebrate with us. Even though it's our birthday we’re giving the presents. The Nokia and Samsung smartphones are perfect for MyPlan and great for social networks. They all have outstanding cameras and integrated social networking so it's really easy to share your photos on Facebook.

Birthday treasure hunt contest

We’ve added all our Twitter followers to our birthday card. We now have over 8000 followers so you will need to refresh the page to see everyone. To enter the contest find the special birthday page hidden among the follower profiles that make up our big birthday ‘1’. When you find the birthday page enter your Facebook profile address or Twitter name and click on the button if you would like to wish us ‘Happy Birthday’ on Twitter or Facebook.