Monday, July 19, 2010

99 fils/min Calls to South Asian Subcontinent on Wasel

Wasel subscribers, would you like cheaper calls and extended off peak hours for calling the South Asian subcontinent? Now you have it. Today we announced a new promotion offering you the heavily discounted rate of 99 fils per minute when calling India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The off peak hours have also been extended to 5pm to 9am, Saturday to Thursday and all day on Friday.

This promotion runs throughout the summer and is valid until the 19th September. To subscribe simply, send an SMS saying “e 99” to 1010 from the Wasel number. Other national and international calls are not affected.

For more information on Wasel offers, customers can call 800 PROMO (77666) or visit


  1. Any riders with this offer? like last time you had local calls charged at 10% premium??

  2. Hi, no there are no "riders". All other call charges are unaffected by this offer.