Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Micro SIMs launched ready for the Apple iPad

The new Micro SIM card has gone on sale today - the first in the region. The Micro SIM is the new format that Apple is using in its iPad devices and forthcoming iPhones to enable mobile broadband access. The new card has been designed so it can still be used in normal mobiles as well as the iPad.

So if you want to get ready for the iPad and future proof your SIM card the Micro SIM card is available now for both post and pre paid customers. Get hold of one now and you can start using it immediately with a range of options open to you:

Use it with the Tawa’am service as a second SIM card on the same number so can use multiple devices sharing the same data package. A Tawa’am SIM Card is available for a one-time payment of AED 100.

Replace your existing data SIM card with a Micro SIM card so you are future ready. Priced at AED 25 you can pick one up at your local Etisalat business center.

Purchase a Micro SIM card now and you can also take advantage of our latest offers at the same time:

New Postpaid line using a Micro SIM with 100 free minutes of local calls and 100 free SMS messages all for just AED 100

Enjoy a new Wasel connection with a Micro SIM card for the special discounted price of only AED 75. A great price but that's not all you will also receive AED 25 of free credit as soon as you activate your card.

Try out unlimited internet connectivity whilst on the move at a fabulous price. Use your new Micro SIM card with the unlimited mobile broadband package for only AED 99 per month for 3 months.


  1. Thanks for the information. I have a question: If I were to purchase a MicroSIM exclusively for use on the iPad 3G, wouldn't that mean I would by default have to get the Tawa'am SIM service so I can use the voice (calls) and SMS capability of that data package?

    Also, do you already have a data plan for the iPad?

  2. In reference with the inquiry, existing customers can get Micro SIM Card through Tawa’am service which enables them to get two SIMs with the same number. This will allow them to use their current data package subscription with any device; Tawa’am SIM Card is available for a one-time payment of AED 100.

    Postpaid mobile service:

    Customers can additionally avail of the ongoing postpaid promotion while purchasing the Micro SIM card for their postpaid number or through Tawa’am. Priced at AED 100, the promotion entitles customers to 100 minutes of local calls and 100 SMS’s credited to their accounts over a period of five months.

    Data SIM card & replacement:

    Customers can also purchase the Micro SIM Card for data use only, priced at AED 25. Etisalat customers can replace their existing SIM cards with
    the Micro SIM card, by visiting the Etisalat business center.


    Customers can also benefit from the ongoing Wasel promotion, while purchasing the Micro SIM Card for their Wasel account. As part of the ongoing promotion priced  at AED 75, customers will receive back AED 25 as free credit immediately when they activate the Micro SIM Card, reducing the cost of the new card to AED 50 only. The free credit can be used for local, international calls and SMS, and it can be used within three months after activating the Micro SIM Card. Customers can dial *121*8# to know their free credit balance.

  3. I'm not sure I understand this paragraph completely...

    "Use it with the Tawa’am service as a second SIM card on the same number so can use multiple devices sharing the same data package. A Tawa’am SIM Card is available for a one-time payment of AED 100."

    Does that mean I can get a micro SIM card with the same number that i'm using on my mobile and use them both at the same time? (iPad and Blackerry)?

  4. @Anonymous Hi, further to your question we can confirm that the Micro Sim (Tawaam service) can be used both for the iPad and the Blackberry device at the same time ,provided that the sim used on the Blackberry is SIM A .

  5. When is Etisalat releasing iPhone4?

  6. @Hashaam stay tuned on the blog and twitter for updates on the launch date!

  7. Are micro sim's available at the Dubai Mall outlet ?

  8. Micro SIMs are available from all Outlets. However, to be sure call in advance of visiting the store to check on their stock levels.


  9. I have a blackberry data package on my postpaid line. Can I get a micro sim (in Tawaam package to be used for Ipad under the same blackberry data package?

  10. Can I get a micro sim card on my existing iphone contract with Etisalat and use it for an iphone that I have bought from the UK

  11. Hi Anonymous.

    You can find all information on the Tawa'am service here: http://bit.ly/9tkOOM

  12. @Anonymous

    A MicroSIM purchased for use on a non Etisalat handset will most likely work fine. However as the handset is not purchased from Etisalat we cannot offer a guarantee or support.

  13. Just moved to Dubai where can i purchase a Micro Sim and what deals are on offer

    Many Thanks

  14. Hi cyberbob2500,

    You can purchase a microSIM at any of our outlets :)

  15. Emirates Airlines Captain.September 26, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    I just purchased the Tawa'am Package .At your Mirdiff City Centre Outlet. The Micro Sim is not Working in my ipad . In other countries the Service Provider gives an APN code.For the Cellular Data Network to activate .
    Pls Advise
    Emirates Captain.

  16. Hello Emirates Captain:

    Please could you contact us via twitter http://twitter.com/EtisalatUAE, email care@etisalat.ae or phone at 101. Any of these contacts will reach our customer care team to help you fix your microsim issue.

    Many thanks