Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dubai Municipality and Etisalat provide Wi-fi connectivity in Zabeel Park

Etisalat Al Shamil and eLife customers can enjoy free internet access through a dedicated Wi-Fi hot-spot at the Zabeel Park, Dubai

Visitors to the park can now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity through their Wi-Fi enabled devices including Smartphones, Netbooks, Notebooks, PDAs and portable gaming consoles, to connect to the robust Wi-Fi network of Etisalat. The Wi-fi service aims to provide fast, reliable data communication services to all visitors at a nominal cost starting at AED 5 for the first 30 minutes.

Etisalat Al Shamil and eLife customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access of up to 16 hours per month, depending on their subscription packages. Etisalat Internet subscribers can simply use their existing username and password to obtain the Wi-Fi service.

Al Shamil customers with 1-4Mb package can enjoy up to 4 hours of free Wi-Fi access per month while subscribers with over 4Mb package can enjoy up to 8 hours of free Wi-fi access per month. Etisalat eLife customers with starter package (1Mb) will get 4 hours of free access to the Wi-fi hotspot, while subscribers with packages above 8Mbps can enjoy 8 hours of free Wi-Fi internet, with additional 8 hours, making it 16 hours of free Wi-Fi access.

Other visitors can simply connect to the Wi-Fi network by making quick payments through their mobile phones and credit cards. Customers who wish to subscribe to Wi-fi access on a monthly basis can also do so for a monthly fee of AED 95 per month, which will include 12 hours of Wi-Fi internet access, per month.

Etisalat mobile customers, who wish to obtain this service can simply get the charges for the service deducted from their Wasel account, or get the charges billed to their post-paid account.

Visitors, who are not existing Etisalat customers, can purchase the Wi-Fi hotspot prepaid cards and Etisalat Blue prepaid cards or make payments through their credit card to use the service.

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