Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Changing Outlook configuration to receive emails outside UAE

If you are travelling outside the UAE and need to continue accessing your emails via Outlook Email Client, you may need to change the configuration as follows:

Outlook Email client (EIM):

1- Change setting: tools -> email accounts -> view or change existing e-mail accounts.

2- Change the email server

3- Set outgoing mail server (SMTP) to

4- Under more setting, select Outgoing Server tab

5- Check ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'

6- Select ‘Use same setting as my incoming mail server.’

Email works everywhere in and out of UAE. Therefore customer can keep the same in UAE


  1. who make this kind of setting? still not working on my outlook... still im getting smtp error. while im out of UAE. if there's any good setting around here?

  2. Hi,

    If you are having problems with these settings we recommend you contact 101 to troubleshoot the problems.

  3. im in the philippines now, and im out of credit. what should i do to recharge the card i buy before leaving dubai?? i tried the usual way the 120 card no but its now working! pls help me thank u1

  4. @Anonymous There are a few options for you:

    1. Type * 120 * Prepaid Calling Card Number # Followed by Send key.

    2. By using the Etisalat Online Services website a UAE credit card if you are registered on the website.

    3. Your family or friend can transfer credit from an Etisalat GSM
    prepaid or postpaid in UAE by using the Credit Transfer Service
    *100*+97150XXXXXXX*100# send key
    (Minimum amount in one day is AED 5 and Maximum is 100)

    4. Paying at the Etisalat Cash machine or at the cashier for your
    Etisalat GSM Prepaid (Wasel) number.

  5. No problem - let me know if you need any further information.

  6. Thanks I found that its etisalat
    I have another question, how can I retrieve all my emails? would appreciate your support.


  7. Hi, I am resetting my email from Egypt and it is recieving but not sending ( I had added as the outgoing email server and as incoming email server)
    any other specs to set, please advise.

  8. Hi,
    I had set the outgoing email server exactly as mentioned above, but what is the incoming mail server? any other settings not mentioned above? I receive but cant send emails. Please advise

  9. We have asked our technical support team to look at your questions.

    If you use twitter it might be slightly faster to contact us at

    More later

  10. once you change the settings you need to close outlook express. then restart and then try sending the mail in your outbox. it worked for me. Thanks Etisalat!

  11. Thanks !!! It works this way:

    Incoming (POP):
    Outgoing (SMTP):

    Incoming Port:110
    Outgoing port:25

    Check the " My outgoing server requires authentication"

    Wahid Atef from Afghanistan