Monday, September 26, 2011

Is it 5 O'Clock yet?

Wasel Homeland Plan offers you unbeatable off-peak rates

Our Wasel Homeland Plan is now better than ever with per second and per minute billing to suit your needs. Its free to subscribe with great off-peak rates on Calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines. You pay less for calls so you can talk for longer - from as early as 5pm on weekdays and all day on Fridays and public holidays.

Subscribe to the service for free and choose from:
  • Per second billing to pay as little as 2 fils per second or
  • Per minute billing to pay as little as 99 fils per minute.

Get the Wasel Homeland Plan today and start calling home even earlier.

How to subscribe

  1. If you have unsubscribed from Wasel Homeland per second or per minute plans you can subscribe again at any time, but a charge of AED 10 will apply.
  2. If you are currently on Etisalat’s Super Off-Peak (SOP), Favourite Country (FCP), or Global Friends and Family (GFF) plans, your subscription will automatically get cancelled once you subscribe to the Wasel Homeland Plan.

Our new Wasel Homeland plan is just one more way Wasel gives you value you can trust. You can combine Wasel Homeland with our free credit offer for even better savings, and remember, if you use your Wasel service at least once every 3 months you will never have to renew your account.  Ever.

More details here on our website or talk with us on Twitter @EtisalatUAE . . . and look out for the 'Is it 5pm' ads on YouTube.

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