Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hotspots: Where will you log in?

We all love wireless internet access (Wi-Fi). It means that we can work and play on our computers from anywhere in our homes. Did you know that elife and Al Shamil subscribers can also use our public Wi-Fi hotspots for free.  Etisalat customers can use up to 16 hours of complimentary Wi-Fi access every month at our hotspots so you can use the internet for free at locations across the Emirates in many of our city shopping malls, cafes, offices and hotels.

Al Shamil customers with packages up to 4Mb can enjoy up to 4 hours of free Wi-Fi access and subscribers with packages over 4Mb can access 8 hours of free Wi-Fi in a month. Etisalat elife customers with the starter package (1Mb) are eligible for 4 hours of free access using Wi-Fi hotspots, while subscribers with packages above 8Mbps can enjoy 8 hours of free Wi-Fi internet.

Hotspots are easy to use.  Just enter your elife or Al Shamil username and password to log in. This is part of your subscription – there is no extra cost, it’s completely free. We have a dedicated support page on our website if you have more questions about using hotspots.

Wi-Fi Hotspot service is also available to our other customers and visitors.  Simply connect to the Wi-Fi network and make a  quick, easy payment through your mobile phone or credit card. If you need to use a Hotspot regularly you can subscribe.  AED 95 gives you 12 hours of Hotspot access per month using one of our via Wi-Fi packages.  You can also pick up Prepaid Wi-Fi Hotspot Cards at your local Etisalat Outlet..

For more information contact our dedicated customer support line at 101, talk to us on twitter or take a look at our website.

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