Friday, November 26, 2010

Catch Football Fever in Abu Dhabi

We're warming up for the FIFA Club World Cup that begins in Abu Dhabi on December 8. Football Village is already open on the Abu Dhabi Corniche by the East Plaza and it's sure to be full of fans this weekend watching the Premier League games on the big screens and enjoying all the football activities, including the amazing Etisalat Match in the Sky!

As you'd expect we are planning a BIG twitter contest with amazing prizes to celebrate the FIFA Club World Cup. The contest is called 3x3HD. We will tweet 3 questions a day for 3 days. Next week you can win a chance to join the guys up there on the 'Etisalat Match in the Sky'. It's a jawdropping vertical football pitch where the world's most daring footballers play an amazing sky-high game. Lucky winners who answer our contest questions correctly will get to join the players up there for a penalty shoot out.

During the tournament the big prize to end our 3x3HD contest will be tickets for the best seats in the stadium for the final Club World Cup game on December 18. Full details will come later but we promise you will be glued to your twitter screen that week too, watching for the questions and finding the answers.

So what does the HD mean? Remember we said 3x3HD? Well for the rest of the year, when we don't have international football games right here in the UAE, eLife HD (High Definition) TV is the best way to enjoy 'almost like being there' football in your own home. When you subscribe or upgrade to eLife Triple play you get to watch all the Premier League games for free through our Abu Dhabi Sports Package on eLife and E-Vision. Current eLife triple play and E-Vision customers can enjoy watching the Barclays Premier League for only AED 29 per month for a 12 month subscription.

We'll be telling you more about HD TV during the 3x3HD contest - so watch this space.


  1. I have been calling 101 for ONE YEAR complaining about E-vision and E-Life and no body paid attention to me, you are the worse company I have ever experienced by all means, you have the worse decoders I ever seen which has not been working for ONE YEAR and till date I am calling 101 EVERYDAY with anger and frustration and yet they are saying: “we can NOT do anything” this is the only decoder we have, and the decoder is not working since ONE YEAR

    You did not even bothered to call back and ask about the service: in Arabic sounds better: انتو شركة سرقتوني ونصبتو علي

  2. We're sorry that you have been having trouble with your decoder. Do you use twitter? It is easier for us to request your contact details and help you with technical support via

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Etisalat web relations team.

  3. Dear 'Anonymous'

    We are very sorry to hear that you have had problems with your USB broadband. Surprising that you were disconnected as you can use more than your 1GB allowance for just AED0.5/GB (one of our cheapest data rates).

    This problem can be solved, but not here in the public blog comments. Please could you contact us on twitter where you can send us your account and contact details in private.

    Find us at and please let us know that you left all the details on a blog comment.

    Many thanks