Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mobile Data Backup service

No more worries about losing the important data stored on your phone. With our Data Backup service you can keep a safe copy of your contacts, calendar entries, messages, photos, videos, music and ringtones. Safeguard yourself against theft, accidental damage or loss of your mobile.

Backups can be done at any time, you can also setup automatic backups at regular intervals. You can access your stored data using a secure website on your PC or through your mobile. Restoring your data to any phone, new or old, is quick and easy.

The Data Backup service also means you can lock a phone if it is stolen and then wipe the data from it remotely, rendering it useless to the thief.

The service costs AED 10 a month, with no charges for uploading data (unless you are outside the UAE). The Data Backup service is available on most handsets, check out the compatibility list here to be sure.

To subscribe simply send an SMS containing “r backup” to 1010, or call 125. More information is available on our website: or by calling 101.

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