Monday, April 19, 2010

Unlimited mobile broadband offer: AED99 per month

All customers can now enjoy non-stop on-the-go Internet connectivity for less by subscribing to the unlimited mobile broadband package for a promotion price of only AED99 per month, reduced from AED395. This promotion will run for three months, which means a saving of AED1190!

The offer is open to current users as well as new subscribers - anybody with any current package can take the offer (both Postpaid and Prepaid). Postpaid customers will get free USB dongle; Prepaid customers can get this if they migrate to Postpaid in any Etisalat outlet.

Enjoy access to the best network in the region, anytime you like and for great value with this great offer - sign up today!

How can I sign up?
Postpaid customers can subscribe to the unlimited broadband package by calling 125.

Prepaid customers can visit any of Etisalat business centres or outlet across the UAE.

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  1. Before 6 month i take a Etisalat Internet Sim with modem. But modem is not working properly. I go many time Etisalat customer manager cheek. and they tell we change it but now stock unavailable. two month pass but they not change it

  2. Hi

    Sorry to hear that. Can I suggest you log a call with Customer Support:


  3. The customer rep at the MOE Etisalat branch told me that i need to first convert my PREPAID in to POSTPAID to avail this offer. I said, what if I get a new POSTPAID line (as I dont want to convert this PREPAID). He said, the offer is valid only for at least 6 months old POSTPAID connections :( I still need it.. how can now avail this offer?

  4. Well,

    I'm a visitor to the UAE and I bought my lines 3 days ago, when I found about this offer I wanted to subscribe through 125 but I did not work and I had to visit an Etisalat office which all of them are very busy and I think this is very stupid from etisalat to waste my time and their agen time so I can subscribe to this offer.

    Come on etisalat grow to the 21st century and add this as a service online or through the AVR, becuase I do not have 1 hour to waste to sit and talk with an agent

  5. The-Lost-Viking...

    You need to subscribe to Postpaid to get the USB dongle, however the offer is open to both Prepaid and Postpaid.

  6. Alaa...

    I'm sorry the staff were busy. I have passed on this information and feedback on your behalf.

    Postpaid customers can take advantage by calling 101. Prepaid, for now, can take advantage by visiting a store.

  7. This offer only for 3 month and we will pay AED99 monthly, what about after 3 month? how much is the monthly charge?

  8. After 3 months the offer goes back to normal pricing so save money now!

  9. What does it take you guys to simply mention SALARY LETTER, VISA PAGE, and PASSPORT copies are required to apply for AED 99 mobile broadband package for Pre paid lines for some nationalities?? It's useless to have your presence on facebook or twitter just to say "GOOD MORNING" everyday!

    It's not the first time this has happened to an etisalat customer. I've been following you on twitter.. read your blog posts and checkout the offers on your website. There's absolutely no mention of the requirements for wasil (pre paid) customers to apply for the AED99 mobile broadband package. When I saw your tweet for the first time I reached Mall of Emirates the very same day. No one there seemed to know about this package details and asked me to come back again as they did'nt receiver any information from the headquarters by then.

    I visited the promotional stand after few days and they asked me for my SALARY LETTER, VISA PAGE, and PASSPORT copy!!! I hope you understand that no one keeps the SALARY LETTER in his pocket all the time.. even if they carry Visa and passport copies!

  10. @The-Lost-Viking Thanks for your comments, we are listening to your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

  11. how if before 3 months wasel user unsubscribe this service? and resubscribe again to enjoy promotion again? is it possible?

  12. @Anonymous, the promotion can only be activated once per customer.

  13. ur service seems to be the worst in this country.du is also not so far! i have been facing a problem with ur 3.5 G connection from last 2.5 months despite a lodged complaint and unlimited follow-up calls.All these months i am paying the rental connection is not consistent. it stays for only few seconds or minutes (if i am lucky), each time i switch the 3.5router on! A 100s of off/on cycles are required to read something online. just guess how irritating it is! no words to describe my feelings. u guys wont change, i know. u r really enjoying the privilege of monopoly...but things wont be the same at all all the times.
    my 3.5G # 050-6176373

  14. hello etisalat,

    greetings to you.

    may i suggest a service which you can provide so that the wasel account subscriber could benefit.
    -may i suggest that prepaid subscribers could activate our account over 125 since prepaid subscribers where asked for a supporting documents upon purchase or a wasel SIM card.
    -may i also suggest that you charge a per hour of use with an interval of 15min per charge so it could also be a budget friendly (so as to attract more subscribers you use internet service as their aide for communication).

    and on the top-up concerns, im sure that you have this prepaid cards for prepaid subscribers to use.

    thank you very much and more power.