Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can't get mobile coverage?

It's very frustrating when your coverage is poor, thankfully with Etisalat mobile this doesn't happen very often. However, when it does, we want to help as quickly as we can, so here is the most efficient way for you to get assistance.

Please send an email to 101@contactcentre.ae with the following information:

Is your problem:
Poor 2G Or 3G Coverage?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Residential or Commercial?

Customer Exact Location:

The Emirate Name:

The City Name:

Area Name:

Number of Floors:
Flat number:
Floor Number:

Name of the building or Number:


Other affected numbers:

Date of the problem:

Contact number (landline):

This will enable us to escalate the case to the concerned section to investigate and resolve the issue.

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