Monday, August 1, 2011

Subscribing to Wasel just got easier and more affordable

No more renewal fees for Wasel prepaid line!

We have listened to feedback from our customers and we are pleased to launch “free lifetime validity” for all our Wasel customers.

FREE lifetime validity – no need to renew your Wasel account again

Now you can keep your Wasel subscription without having to pay to renew again. Your free lifetime validity will be applied automatically and you don’t need to subscribe. All you need to do to keep the benefit is make one charged call or send an SMS from your Wasel accounts within three months.


  • Lifetime validity is completely free of charge. Wasel customers do not have to subscribe or pay any additional fee to benefit from this offer.
  • This free lifetime validity will be applied automatically to all active Wasel customers and you should receive an SMS to confirm.
  • To keep enjoying this lifetime validity benefit, just make one charged SMS or call during a 3 month period. If not you won’t receive the free lifetime validity, but you can benefit again if you simply start using your line again.
  • You will continue to enjoy the same rates on your chosen tariff plan with no change, only the renewal fee is waived.
  • If you are a new Wasel subscriber from 1st August 2011 you will automatically be granted the lifetime validity upon activation.

To check you have received the lifetime validity dial *121#

You will receive an SMS to let you know you have received the free lifetime validity. Alternatively you can dial *121# to check your balance – they will notice that the validity is now set to 2037 which indicates that your account has been granted lifetime validity.


This feature is available to all active prepaid subscribers but excludes customers who have not used their account for the last 3 months.

To retain this feature you must make one charged SMS or call during a 3 months’ period If you stop using your account for 3 consecutive months, your account will be downgraded to the normal Wasel renewal cycle. If you continue not to use your account, they will need to pay the renewal charge of AED 50 to activate your line again at the renewal phase.


  1. Did not happen !

  2. i am going to tell to etisalat really i like etisalat more then other

  3. Thanks to ETISALAT for lifetime renewed.