Friday, October 8, 2010

Blackberry® Announcement

Since the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s August 1 announcement regarding the possible suspension of certain Blackberry applications, our focus has always been to ensure continuity of service for our customers. With the TRA’s notification of uninterrupted Blackberry® services in the UAE, we are pleased to confirm that all Blackberry® services will continue to operate as normal.

As a service provider to over 80% BlackBerry® users in the UAE, we will continue offering exceptional services to all our existing and future BlackBerry® customers. In light of the TRA decision, the alternative mobility packages we announced in August, for its existing BlackBerry customers, are no longer applicable.

We will also be launching two new BlackBerry devices – the Torch and the New Curve, along with other exciting offers in the coming days.


  1. its nice let wait and see then