Tuesday, August 24, 2010

99fils per minute calls to Pakistan

With the recent catastrophe we know you want to talk to your friends and family in Pakistan. Also, those of us without immediate worries about the safety of loved ones will want to contribute to flood relief organizations in the region.

Wasel subscribers can get 99fils per minute calls to Pakistan and the rest of the subcontinent until September 19th. Calls are just 99fils per minute during extended off peak hours of 5 pm to 9 am every day and all day on Fridays. Wasel prepaid customers can simply send SMS ‘e 99’ to 1010 in order to subscribe to the service with no monthly charges. Other national and international calls will not be affected. For more information call 80077666 or visit www.etisalat.ae/idd.

If you prefer to contribute to flood relief efforts via a trusted UAE-based organisation @Hamasaaat recently sent us this from the UAE Red Crescent. You can also visit their website or call them for free on 800-RED (733).

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