Friday, June 18, 2010

We want to see your World Cup Pictures

If you follow @EtisalatUAE on twitter you have probably seen tweets about our World Cup Contest? We have two iPhone 3GS handsets and two BlackBerry Javelin smartphones to give away between now and the World Cup Final on 11th July. We want to know how are you celebrating and showing your support for your team? You’ve seen the guys on our home page , what does match time look like at your place?

What are you doing to show which team you support? We’ve seen flags waving from cars, people in hats, painted faces and windows and office cubicles festooned with flags. How are you celebrating? Tweet us @EtisalatUAE and send us a link to your picture on twitpic, yfrog or another twitter picture site. We will keep your pictures in our favourites file on twitter.

We will be running twitter prize draws on June 24, July 1, July 8 and July 11 to decide which pictures win the prizes.

  1. Tweet a picture to @EtisalatUAE showing how you support your favourite World Cup team (Use twitpic, yfrog or another twitter photo sharing service)
  2. Include the hashtag #etisalatfc
  3. Check our favourites to see a selection of the pictures
  4. Watch our tweets for the draw times
  5. Wait to see if you are a winner for a BlackBerry or an iPhone 3GS

Good Luck!


Follow Etisalat on twitter

Use twitpic or Yfrog to post your pictures

See the pictures in our favourites file

The small print:

By posting your pictures on the internet your are making them public and their subsequent use can not be controlled by Etisalat. You are giving us permission to file your twitter message about your pictures in our favourites file on twitter, and to talk about your picture on twitter (don't worry we will be kind!) Pictures that you do not wish to be seen in the public domain are not eligable for this contest. Etisalat reserves the right to decide which pictures are added to the favourites file and included in the prize draws.

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