Al Shamil Broadband for Home

What is Al Shamil Broadband?
Al Shamil is the name of the broadband service from Etisalat. It offers fast and reliable service for customers who want to do more.

What can I do with my Al Shamil Broadband?
When you have a fast and reliable broadband connection you can reach further. Surf the web, send and receive e-mail, and download music – all at the same time - with the easy, fast and reliable Al Shamil Broadband for Home service. Transfer files to and from a remote computer with incredible ease. The world is your oyster!

What are the options available on Al Shamil Broadband package?
Choose from different speeds: from 256Kbps to 16 Mbps to suit different requirements. There are also various price plans to suit your usage - plus Online Services to manage your account. One or more free email accounts with a range of storage options and up to 4 hours Hotspot Internet usage (depending on your package).

What next?
Visit the website or call 800 101 (non-Etisalat customers) or 101 (Etisalat customers) for information related to any of our products or services.